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Aside from enjoying the tourist attractions and sightseeing spots, being aware of the medical facilities in Angeles City is important. One of the most well known is the Angeles University Foundation Hospital.


The hospital can be found at Rizal Street in Angeles City, Pampanga. If you are riding in a tricycle or jeepney you can notify the driver that it is the place you want to go to, and you will be taken there. If you are driving your own car, just look for the Angeles University Foundation Campus; the medical facility will be nearby.

Contact Information

In case of emergency or if you want to make inquiries regarding the costs of operations or consultations, you may call telephone number (6345) 3228880 or (6345) 3228876. These numbers are accessible 24/7.

Services and Facilities 212 angel number

The Angeles University Foundation Hospital is equipped to deal and handle a variety of different types of illnesses and also several patients. It has over 120 beds, and its facilities and tools allow it to provide several types of services. Among them are orthopedic surgery, ENT (ear, nose, throat), IM-gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and is also fitted with the EUB 405 diagnostic ultrasound device, which is one of the most efficient ways to detect a variety of ailments.


It was in the year 1990 that the Angeles University Foundation Hospital was established, and it was part of the Angeles University Foundation, which was set up in 1962. Through the years, the hospital has acquired a good reputation for not just serving the people of Angeles but the quality of its facilities have also led to its patronage by people from the other provinces nearby.

Unlike other medical institutions, this is also actively involved in research and training would be medical personnel. As the advances in medicine continue, the importance of being updated on the latest medical findings is not lost on the administrators of the hospital.

The school program of the medical center, it needs to be stressed, does not limit its offerings to medicine, but also extends to other courses like engineering, law, and many others, giving students plenty of options.

The Angeles University Foundation Hospital is an affordable yet first class medical facility, and for many years now has been providing residents with the care and medical attention they need. For tourists, it is comforting to know that such a quality service exists to cater and look after you.


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